Featured Trip Destination: Fort Collins Skate Parks

Location: Fort Collins, CO (Map Cost Per Person: Cost of gear - bring your own skateboards, helmets, pads, rollerblads, scooters, bikes, anything you can ride without an engine, but vert boards are probably the best
Age Range: All ages Trip Time: All day

Fort Collins, Colorado has some of the best skate parks in the world. The lines you can skate in Fort Collins are great representations of the skater/builder mentality. The parks were made with authenticity and skateability in mind. Flow is paramount and leads to transitions that have their own variations and constant inch by inch changes. Where there was metal on a ledge, suddenly there is not, so guys like me who are a little skittish going down over coping can roll in and still carve the deep bowls and lots of vert. The parks include street in plazas and funky obstacles.

The Jam will be held on Sunday July 14, 2013 at Northside Skate Park!

There will be a live skate demo by the skaters from Market Skate Shop, Battle of the Bands, headlining band In the Whale.

Edora Skate Park

East Stuart Street, Fort Collins, CO

There is room to roam at Edora, a nice sized vert park that flows all day long. Boasting Fort Collins best snake, numerous tall walls, authentic pool tile and coping for days, Edora will take the skate out of you before you take the skate out of it.

Safety and danger exist side by side in so many places. While it thrills me to climb a few feet on the wall, on the same transition a guy will come along and air out of the 9 foot pool at Edora.

Northside keeps a low and inviting profile that belies the intensity available there.
A real DIY transition park, this place has a band of loyal skaters that prove day after day that magic can be made there.

There is a small street-ish section on the east side of the park. Faux brick (feels like the real thing) lines a sloped wall with shallow pitch. This stands right next to the 'Rag Doll' wall, a tall one that puts the 'vert' in vertical.


Spring canyon boasts a funky pool, a crazy awning that closes a gap into a tunnel, and a couple of artfully inspired ollie ramps.

There is wide open space to do street tricks, along with a sculpture looking sort of whale's tail elevated platform in the center. It sits at about 6 inches above on the low ends and the parts that flair up are enough to provide some serious lift if used as a ramp.

Welcome back to the streets. Rails, steps, boxes, and ramps, authenticate this plaza.