Fort Collins and the Downtown Development Authority have hired consultants to look into the possibility of "Quiet Zones" being established for the 18 or so trains that run through Fort Collins each day at all times of day and night.

The Northern Colorado Business Report is reporting on the process and ideas they will be looking into. I'm still not sure how you can get them to stop blowing their horns without compromising safety. Read on.

It's bad enough to have to sit in one's vehicle and wait as up to 18 trains pass through Fort Collins each day.

But there's also the ear-splitting blast of the train horns, announcing their approach as they pass through every intersection that crosses the tracks.

And while motorists sit and fume as they wait for the trains to pass, residents of neighborhoods all along the tracks must endlessly endure the horn blasts.

But that could change if the city is successful in establishing railroad "quiet zones" along portions of Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific tracks.

The city of Fort Collins, along with the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority, is studying the possibility of creating quiet zones in and near downtown.

You can read more on the possibilities here.