We are learning so much about what happens when we put refuse in the wrong place. Plastic bags blow with the wind and can harm wildlife. Bottles and cans life spans ends too early if they are not vigilantly recycled. Components from electronics contain heavy metals that can seep into our water table. A similar thing can happen if we throw unused prescription drugs into the trash or flush them down the toilet.

Recent studies done by the FDA found trace amounts of various prescription drugs in our water systems. To avoid this situation, drugs must be disposed of properly, so Fort Collins Police Services is hosting a Prescription Drug Take Back on Saturday Oct. 29 at the Police Services Building on Timberline. Just take any medications you are no longer using there and drop them off and they will dispose of them properly.

I spoke with Lt. John Pino of Fort Collins Police Services and he explained how

We'll have disposal boxes so you can just drive up just like you're going to McDonalds' and just drop their prescriptions in the box and we'll seal it up. Then the DEA will pick up the drugs and they'll be disposed of.

Prescription Drug Take Back

Saturday Oct. 29, 2011

10am to 2pm

2221 Timberline Road, Fort Collins, CO