Investigators continued looking into the situation at Poudre Valley Hospital Thursday morning well into the afternoon.

Emergency Room iStockphoto

Fort Collins Police responded to a call about a man wielding a knife in the ambulance bay of the emergency entrance at the hospital.

When police arrived at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins the unidentified man approached them and an officer shot the 53-year-old man. There are no details regarding the severity of his injuries and his name has not yet been released. He was being treated at the hospital. No one else was injured in this incident.

The officer involved in the shooting, as typical in officer involved shooting's, has been put on administrative leave until an investigation can be completed. His name has not been released.

The incident at the hospital is the second situation in as many days. The hospital had been placed in lockdown the day before because of reports of a man with a gun. Police arrested a man with brandishing a bb gun. The man was arrested on suspicion of multiple offenses including possession of heroin.