Todd Harding, TSM

My wife and I were returning home from a friends house Saturday night and ended up in the middle of a riot in Fort Collins! We were even the victims of the tear gas used by the police to disperse the crowd.

There was a party in the Summerhill Townhomes just off Prospect Road in Fort Collins on Saturday.  Police reports say about 300 people were there, but I talked to people leaving the party and they say say there were a few hundred more than than that. It was kind of like of those Million Man March estimates. Nobody really knows for sure.

We were just trying to get home, but couldn't.  Prospect Road was closed off by police from Shields to Taft.  We had to park 3 blocks away and walk in through the tear gas.  By the time my wife and I made it to our front door, tears were streaming down our face and we were coughing uncontrollably.  Luckily, once we were in the house, the symptoms went away.

The crowd became unruly and aggressive, breaking bottles, climbing on streetlight poles, cars, and trees, and throwing bottles at police. Shortly after 10:30 p.m., police used pepper ball, OC and CS gas to disperse the crowd. Three people were transported to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. No officers were injured.