With days like we have had over the past week, it made me wonder where we ranked among the coldest cities in the U.S.  It really shouldn’t surprise us that Fort Collins has made the list of the 25 coldest cities in the United States done by “Newsweek’s” Daily Beast.

Fort Collins was the only Colorado city to make the list which is probably the most surprising fact coming from the list, because most would think that one of the mountain towns with higher elevation might be colder. Our neighbors to the north in Wyoming had a strong presence with three cities making the list, including Laramie being number 7.

The coldest city is Fairbanks, Alaska which has an average winter temperature of .6 degrees and their coldest day on average is -41.1 degrees on January 12 with the warmest day on average only hitting 48.2 degrees on March 29. 38% of their days have snow.  Fort Collins has an average winter temperature of  27.9 degrees with our coldest day being -18.9 degrees on  December 9  and the warmest being March 31 with an average temperature of 72 degrees. 27% of our days have snow.

Here is the complete list.