The City of Fort Collins wants residents to know that Fort Collins Utilities customers that meet a certain credit score are eligible for a 0% interest loan that could improve your families health significantly! Upgrade your energy efficiency, your health, or both with a 0% interest loan for the installation of a radon mitigation system or to upgrade or change out an old wood burning stove.

Radon emanation is especially likely from unfinished crawl spaces that have exposed earth underneath your home. Radon testing kits are cheap and could be the first step to finding out if you qualify for a 0% interest loan from the City of Fort Collins. Visit for details on these very important radon mitigation systems.

Old woodburning stoves are bad for the environment, are inefficient, and are bad for your family’s health. Visit for more information on whether or not it is time to upgrade or replace that wood burning stove.

Lucinda Smith is the Senior Environmental Planner for the City of Fort Collins and we spoke about this special program.

This is a great opportunity for residents of Fort Collins. Every year we have $30,000 available to give out to qualified residents for zero interest loans in, air quality specifically. So these loans are available basically for 2 things. One is to install a radon mitigation system in your home...the other is to deal with an old wood stove.

Don’t wait, best to apply before December 15, 2011. These improvements help your health, your bottom line and your community. Visit for more details.