April 7, 2011

The Fort Collins Music Experiment is happening this weekend. The venues of Fort Collins will all be buzzing, bumping, jumping and rocking as the area's best collaborate to fill the city with music.

The idea was conceived a few years ago when the Fort Collins Musicians Association was mulling over their annual peer awards night and an enthusiastic idea arose. Let's do something big! 12 bands! 4 venues! It. Will. Rock! The snowball began to roll. It ended up being a little bigger than first expected...there were 109 bands in 12 venues in that first year. The Fort Collins Music Experiment this year? 34 venues. 288 Northern Colorado Bands. Bam. From Spotlight Music on the south side of Fort Collins to Bar SS in lovely little Laporte.

The Northern Colorado music scene is showing tremendous momentum, and the efforts are coming from musician and music lover alike. Spokesbuzz was formed recently by the same family that purchased the beautiful but previously sometimes sketchy Mishawaka. That venue deserves good management, even stewardship, and all signs point to positive things happening at the Mish in beautiful Poudre Canyon. Spokesbuzz has Fort Collins music and business VIP's lining up to help. From Spokesuzz.org

SpokesBUZZ is a non-profit dedicated to fostering and promoting Fort Collins arts and culture by building global awareness of what we have; assisting artists with promotions and high-visibility gigs; and working with local music industry partners and businesses to ensure success for all.

This video is HOT! Click on it!

So, there are many factors that are combining to making this weekend of Fort Collins music extremely special. The musicians and spectators alike can feel that there is excitement. Ticket sales are going well enough that planners may be starting to think of hitting some impressive numbers. Out of town ticket sales are moving right along, so we have people traveling to us for the festival. If you see someone who is standing there with a map, looking perplexed, offer some help!  And join the excitement. I know every venue owner, musician, bartender and spectators alike would love to have you.

And the ticket price for all of this live and local Fort Collins music can't be beat either. A $15 wristband gains you access to every participating venue. Buy one at FocoMX.org

The list is too long to start naming names, just go to their website...which has a pretty slick design. Notice how when you scroll over a band it gives you venue, address, time and other important info.

If you know Fort Collins and Northern Colorado Music, you know Greta Cornett. She's a veteran of such acts as 12 cents for Marvin and is currently playing with the 3 Twins. She is also President and Co-Founder of the Fort Collins Musician's Association and I thank her for a great interview. Just click play, and then we'll see you this weekend!