Every Thursday, the liquor store by my house hosts beer and wine tastings.  Last week, I asked the employee pouring the tasters why they never do whiskey tastings as well.  Her response: "We're not allowed to."

It's true: Currently, it's against ordinances for businesses within the city limits to have liquor tastings, despite a state law that allows it (at individual municipalities' discretion).  But that might be about to change.

The Fort Collins City Council will be giving initial consideration tomorrow to a proposal allowing liquor tastings, in addition to existing wine and beer tastings.

The proposal would also extend the number of days tastings of alcoholic beverage could be held from 52 to 104. City staff has recommended adoption of the change, as eight of nine liquor stores surveyed about were “enthusiastically supportive,” city documents show. The ninth was ambivalent.

Would you attend a liquor tasting in your neighborhood?  Let us know in the comments!