I've never really understood smoking.  Maybe I'm just the product of a very "DRUGS ARE BAD"- oriented early education; but even as an adult who has friends who smoke, I still just don't get it.  So personally, I'm not too upset by the idea of outlawing smoking at all bars and restaurants in Fort Collins, even in outdoor areas.

City code officials say they get dozens of complaints a year from residents and visitors who don’t understand the current law, which permits smoking on patios as long as the smoker is at least 20 feet from a door, window or air vent. In Fort Collins, some bars with outdoor patios have adopted informal — but still illegal — policies of letting people smoke outside regardless of how far they are from the door.

[via The Coloradoan.]

If you're a non-smoker, you know how irritating this can be.  Whether you're outside or not, there is noting pleasant about secondhand smoke wafting in your direction.

I know some people feel like this is a violation of human rights; but I feel like in this case, there needs to be some tougher regulation.  Maybe this will be the final push someone needs to finally kick such a gross habit.

What do you think?