When a man strolling through Old Town saw a man holding a sign telling everyone they deserve to go to hell, he didn't react the way we'd expect.

When I saw it, I just sat and thought, "How brilliant!" The guy with the original sign is obviously relating to all who will listen how they are going to burn for eternity. Gosh, what a nice sounding man. I just love people like that. I can see our conversation now.

Me - How are you doing?

Man With Damnation Sign - Better than you, because you are going to hell.

Me - Crap.

Well, this guy thought of a better idea. He decided to make a sign of acceptance, to tell people like me (and you, possibly), who according to the nice bearded man, are going to hell, that he likes us anyway.

I really appreciate it, because when I see a simple message of love and acceptance next to a message of hate and judgement, the message of acceptance speaks so much more loudly to me.

Which sign speaks more loudly to you?