Life Of The Party, Facebook

Life of The Party, a costume shop in Old Town Fort Collins was in danger of having to close their doors forever. But today they announced that they have been sold! This means they will stay open for business and move to a new location.

This was the announcement they just made via Facebook:

It's Official! Life Of The Party has been SOLD! Three Cheers for our new buyers! We will be moving into our new store at the end of April! Our new location is 4025 South Mason, next door to Recycled Cycles. Can't wait to see you there! We will be open in our old location until at least April 22nd!

I have no idea who it was, but kudos to whomever stepped up to the plate to buy Life Of The Party. Between Halloweens, holidays, birthdays, theme parties, The Ultimate 80s Party, Zombie Fest, Mug Brigade, Dash The Dead, and every other excuse I find to dress up, I would have missed that store a lot!

(Is is April Fools Day, so I hope this isn't some kind of sick joke. ;) )


As it turns out, Life of The Party was bought by the same people that own Scream Theme Studios. They made this announcement on Facebook yesterday:

We have always known that Halloween and costumes are in our blood. After 23 years of doing haunted houses it seemed that this volume may have ended. But we are VERY proud to say the next Volume is ready. We are the proud new owners of Life of the Party! This business has been a part of the community for 32 years. We are extremely excited and look forward to carrying on this Fort Collins tradition!!! Chris and Katie @ Scream Theme