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Frustration for Fort Collins drivers at railroad crossings where the arms go down for no reason has prompted action. Well, at least, it's prompted talks. The City of Fort Collins is working with railroad officials to figure out why railroad crossing arms do not work well when it gets cold.

In the last month, the city has tracked problems at six crossings.

"Obviously, we want a solution. Nobody wants to be tied up in traffic with the railroad gates down," said Larry Schneider, Fort Collin's Street Superintendent.

Union Pacific Spokesman Mark Davis says that de-icer may be to blame:

"It happens everywhere -- it's a historic problem. When you have a high salt content, it can conduct electricity and set off the warning devices."


What happen next is anybody's guess, but I'm guessing they will get fixed.
Have YOU been stuck at a RR-Xing in Fort Collins?  Comments are welcome.

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