I have always thought that owning a restaurant sounded really fun and exciting, and the latest trend in restaurants are ones with wheels. So if you have ever thought, man, it sounds cool to own a food truck, now is your chance to do just that in Fort Collins!  

The best part of the whole deal is that the food truck you are about to buy is already established. Umami Mobile Eatery, which has been in Fort Collins for three years can be yours if the price is right!

The truck serves up what they call "pan Asian cuisine that will entice your 5th element of taste." The menu has items like edamame, dumplings, spring rolls and sushi, and can usually be found parked on the CSU campus or at New Belgium's brewery.

The owners hope to sell the truck before they move in September, and have put an asking price of $90,000 on the business.

For more info you can click here or call (970) 690-5475.