Congratulation Fort Collins, we've made another top-10. Although, we probably shouldn't be as proud of this recognition as we are of some of the others. Fort Collins, Colorado Is The 4th Drunkest City In America, at least according to

They based these rankings after a report came out from from the Centers for Disease Control that said 38 million Americans have an issue with alcohol, that is costing the United States $224 billion a year.This whole report was based, not on people with alcoholism, but with Americans that just drink too much.

Drinking too much includes binge drinking, high weekly use, and any alcohol use by pregnant women or those under age 21. The report describes binge drinking as men drinking five or more alcoholic drinks or women drinking four or more, in about two to three hours

Bustle broke down the numbers and found that these 10 cities all had a 33% or higher binge-drinking and heavy-drinking rates.

  1. Fargo, ND
  2. Columbus, NE
  3. Missoula, MT
  4. Fort Collins, CO
  5. Brookings, SD
  6. Milwaukee, WI
  7. Lawrence, KS
  8. Tallahassee, FL
  9. Bozeman, MT
  10. Lincoln, NE

They list Fort Collins at number-four with 26.4% heavy drinkers and 9.3% binge drinkers. I suppose that could be good news for the plethora of breweries, craft breweries, bars, wineries and distilleries in town, but it might not be very good news for our overall health or well-being.

One word people, moderation.

I'm guessing the CDC's advice would be, 'Sure you can enjoy your favorite craft beer, you just don't need to enjoy nine of them.'