Some say it's a pointless ordinance that drives up rent.  Others say it saves their neighborhoods from crowded streets and annoying late-night parties.  Whichever way you look at it, Fort Collins' three-unrelated ordinance is here to stay.


"I'm not ready to reverse the ordinance at this point," said City Councilman Gino Campana. "It is a well-debated ordinance that has worked fairly well."

[via The Coloradoan.]

If you're not familiar, the three-unrelated ordinance says no more than three unrelated people can live in any one residence at one time.  So college kids have to decide which two of their three BFF's to get an apartment with; and families have to decide whether they would rather have a live-in nanny or host an exchange student, because they can't have both.

The Coloradoan reports several college towns, like Boulder and Greeley, have similar laws in place.

Has this ordinance (or one like it) ever helped or hindered you?