In a town full of college students, there is bound to be a little oversight when it comes to liquor sales; but this is ridiculous!

The Coloradoan reports that 20 bars, restaurants, and liquor stores were punished for liquor violations in 2012, totaling almost $18,000 in fines and 88 days of temporary business closures.

Among the establishments forced to temporarily shut down or pay fines last year: The now-closed Armadillo in Old Town, Austin’s American Grill on Harmony Road, the Rio Grande, Steak-Out Saloon and Rustic Oven. Only one bar lost its license last year: Wall Street Bar and Grill, which was shut down after repeated violations and the owner’s admission he wasn't actually the owner.

[via The Coloradoan.]

Usually, the violation came from illegally selling alcohol to minors.

I understand that Freshmen college kids are basking in all their new-found freedom, and a lot of them will go to great lengths to trick businesses into selling them booze.  (I actually used to go to a bar that had rows and rows of confiscated fake ID's literally wrapped around the room.)  But this many violations really puts a blemish on a town I'm proud to call my home!

Hopefully Fort Collins does better in 2013, especially with embarrassing figures like these floating around now.