I've taken a few tours of the New Belgium Brewery; and on every tour, the guides mention with pride that employees become partial company owners after a year of work with New Belgium.  I always thought that was a great way to run a business.  If I owned shares in the company I worked for, I would do everything I could to be the best owner I could be!  Anyway, company management has just announced that employees now own 100% of New Belgium Brewing!

The Coloradoan reports that all 456 employee owners were present on the company's annual winter retreat, where the announcement was made.  The company's Emloyee Ownership Program bought all remaining unowned company shares at the end of December.

"There are few times in life where you get to make choices that will have multigenerational impact — this is one of those times. We have an opportunity to write the next chapter of this incredible story and we're really excited about that," (founder and CEO Kim) Jordan said in a statement. "We have always had a high involvement ownership culture and this allows us to take that to the next logical level. It will provide an elegant succession framework that keeps the executive team in tact ensuring our vision stays true going forward."

Way to go, New Belgium!  You make me proud to live in Fort Collins!