There's a whimsical feel in the air in Fort Collins again this summer, it's Pianos About Town. Everywhere you look there are colorfully painted upright pianos, there for the playing whether you're a budding Beethoven, or just an occasional player.

Pianos About Town is a collaborative effort between the Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program, Bohemian Foundation, and Downtown Development Authority, this exciting project brings visual art and music together for the public to enjoy.

So, I thought I'd get in touch with the people that are the driving force behind this project, for an interview. Cheryl Zimlich is on the board of The Bohemian Foundation and here's a few of the questions I had for her. Whats the inspiration? Where are the pianos ? How many are there. Just hit play to listen.

It's part of Fort Collins Art In Public Places Program. Not only do we have local artists painting murals on pianos, but there is also a utility transformer box program where local artists are 'transforming' the boxed into pieces of art.

All in all it makes for a more beautiful city and is visually exciting. A special thank you to all of the artists who are sharing their unique talents to bring this project to like. You can watch the artists as they bring their creations to life.

All pictures used with permission of the Bohemian Foundation-Pianos About Town