Ah yes, the Foothills Mall.  Even when I first moved to Fort Collins almost a decade ago, walking through its corridors only made me think of how nice it probably used to be.  Now Foothills Mall is finally getting a makeover; actually it's more like a complete do-over!

The Coloradoan reports that developers will probably level the entire mall area, including nearby buildings, before construction begins on a newer, trendier mall.

That means the buildings housing the Corner Bakery, Talbots, Tres Margaritas, the former Mervyn’s department store, 93,000 square feet of the mall itself, as well as The Shops, The Plaza and The Commons at Foothills, all will be gone, clearing the slate for new retailers, restaurants, a movie theater, a grocery store and public gathering spots.

[via The Coloradoan.]

There's no official word yet on what businesses will occupy the new area, but some exciting names have been tossed around.  How does a Trader Joe's sound?  How about a Nordstrom Rack or Williams-Sonoma?  Or what about (and this is the one I'm most excited about) a Dave & Busters?  All are possibilities at this point!

I know some people are wary of change, especially when it involves ridiculous amounts of construction; but I've always felt like this is a good move for the Foothills Mall.  I never really thought just remodeling the existing buildings was a great idea.  I mean, have you walked in there lately?  It's probably cheaper to tear everything down and start over, than try to bring what's already there into this century!

How do you feel about such a drastic change to the Fort Collins landscape?  Which stores would you love to see at the new Foothills Mall?  Sound off in the comments section below!