With the redevelopment of the Foothills Mall in Fort Collins looming ever-closer, the fate of some of its businesses is still uncertain.  Arc Thrift Store was one such business; but developers have now reached an agreement with the popular secondhand store that will allow it to carry on.

After months of negotiations, (Arc President and CEO Lloyd Lewis) said Alberta has agreed to help with relocation and relocation reimbursement costs but declined to provide more specifics. “It’s a relocation reimbursement that makes sense for us,” Lewis said.

So basically, Arc gets to stay in business; but it has to move to a different location first, and the mall developers have agreed to help with moving expenses.

No word yet on where the new location will be, but I'll keep an ear open for any news about it.

Personally, I'm glad Arc gets to continue on.  I've made some amazing finds at thrift stores over the years, especially around Halloween, and I would hate to see that go away.  Plus, Arc pulls in about $100,000 per year in sales tax for the city, which is good for everyone!

Will you continue to shop at Arc in a new location?