The Fort Collins Music Experiment was a great success in 2012. From ticket sales to fan experience, the event was another hit. I personally had a great time checking out the Candy Claws, Wendy Woo, the Acidophiles and many others. The Northern Colorado music scene is in a great condition right now, and the recognition of this is what caused the creation of FoCoMX 4 years ago. It came from a 'wouldn't it be great if...' moment. 'Wouldn't it be great if there was one night that everywhere you went in Northern Colorado there was live music?' That's exactly what the Fort Collins Music Experiment is all about. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, everywhere you listen there is music, music, music. Excitement has been even higher in past years as a few entourages from Fort Collins have made their way to Austin's South by Southwest for a special Northern Colorado showcase put together by Dani Grant and Spokesbuzz. FoCoMX goes down right after these bands return from SXSW, and they are high on life when they get back. The energy stays with them and I could feel it in the audience. Well done, Fort Collins. Well done.

A TRI 102.5 listener called in to thank Paul for the tickets that she won from us.