I saw that headline in Esquire the other day- and well, it caught MY eye...

I thought it might catch yours!

With friends and family coming together during the holidays, take some to time to "Read More" for

5 Tips on shooting your family photo!

Archive Photos 1964, Getty Images

What a GREAT Christmas card!

From Charlie Chaplin and his family in 1964.

Now, of  course, Charlie was having fun- but what a great way to get into how TO REALLY take

a GREAT  family photo!

Esquire magazine asked consultant photographer Teri Bloom her suggestions for having your family's shoot come out great!

1:-- get higher

For the most flattering of family photos, shoot from slightly above the subjects.

2:-- Lighting

Use soft lighting and a telephoto lens if you have one, it tends to flatten unflattering features. Who wants that in their holiday photo?

3:-- get close

It’s a holiday family photo after all- not a photo of the family room…

4:-- Take lots of frames

Getty Images

The more people in the shot, the more likely one of them is going to blink. On average one out of every five shots is unusable.


5:-- No props

Enough said.

Are those "Charlie Chaplin" mustaches they're wearing??

With those tips in mind- grab the camera and go for it!

With luck, taking the photo will be a joy for everyone involved!

Unlike this "Mother's Day Card" shoot..