Firefighters were called to a structure fire around 1:50am Tuesday (Oct. 17th) morning and when they went inside they found more than just fire. Five people were found dead inside Fero's Bar & Grill on Colorado Boulevard near Alameda Avenue.The dead include four women and one man, according to Lt. Phil Champagne, a spokesman for the Denver Fire Department.

When firefighters went inside, they found five bodies, all of them had some sort of trauma.

"Not sure the exact nature of the trauma," said Denver police chief Robert White.

"They [the victims] did not perish in the fire," said Commander Ronald Saunier. He said investigators are guessing that the fire was set to mask the homicide inside. Police are working to identify the victims and notify the next of kin before releasing their names to the public.

Colorado Blvd. is closed between E. Alameda Avenue and E. Virginia Avenue. Colorado Boulevard is expected to open before 7 a.m. but there will still be a large police presence in the area as they continue their investigation.