No matter what you are in the mood to eat for dinner, you can most likely find it in Fort Collins. Most of the nations best chain restaurants and some of the best local eateries anywhere are right in our town. But there are a few restaurants that, if you want them bad enough, you have to make a trip out of Fort Collins to get. What restaurants does Fort Collins not have, but could use? Here are five that I enjoy, but Fort Collins lacks... 

Maybe not a place where you eat dinner, unless you are like me, but it is home to the worlds greatest doughnuts. They also have some pretty tasty drinks!

Just like an Outback or a Texas Roadhouse, which we do have, but everyone likes their steak just a little different from the next guy... By the way they have this "Wild West Shrimp," it's a must!

A much more upscale steakhouse chain, which also means that the quality of the food is a bit better. Ruth's Chris is one of those once in awhile sort of date restaurants that we could use more of in Northern Colorado.

A town that is known for it's mountains should have a restaurant whose tagline is "Eats. Drinks. Scenic Views" Don't you think? Actually every town should have this "Hooters-like" joint. Great food and like the tagline says... Great views to go with!

Their menu is like a book filled with just about any dish you could think of, and I have never had a bad one. But the real reason you go to the Cheesecake factory is the cheesecake, duh! Maybe the best thing you'll ever eat!

Yes, no, maybe so? Do you agree? What chain-style restaurants do you think we need in Fort Collins? Tell us in the comment section below.