Science, technology, and the intense study of the best ways to stay young, fit and healthy have taught us a few things about exercise.

It's Not Supposed to Be Easy

Sorry, but the program that tells you that you don't have to put forth any effort for a healthy body is bogus. Pills that make you thin are terrible for your body. It takes about 20 minutes of exercise 3-5 times per week to keep a young, healthy, fit body (time and frequency varies according to a person's goals and starting points).

It Becomes Easier

Once you've reached a baseline of good health, that point is always going to be easier to maintain. If you slack off for holidays, or you just get lazy, that baseline should be easier to return to, depending on the amount of time that lapses between regimens.

That 30 minutes of cardio that was absolute torture at first will be less unpleasant after the first week, and will seem downright easy by the third and fifth weeks. Our muscles yearn to be used, to be strong, flexible and active. Reawaken them and they will react and treat you better.

Ask for Help Because You Aren't Supposed to Know What to Do

I am a broadcaster. If you need an announcement made, I'll tell you how to do it, or I'll do a great job of it myself. You are a (insert identifying profession or passion here). You know about your craft. We aren't supposed to know exactly how to stay fit, so find someone who does. Even though I have been into fitness my whole life, I still use personal trainers because they are the pros at knowing how to keep my body working the way I need it to work. The most important word you can say in this area is 'help'.

Being fit and healthy makes me feel young, healthy and I'm on top of the world!