Animal Welfare Advocates can be congratulated on a
getting legislators to review a horrible practice called
'horse tripping'...

"DENVER (AP) - Two rodeo events some consider cruel to
animals are up for debate in the Colorado Legislature. A
House committee planned to start work Monday on a bill
outlawing steer-tailing and horse-tripping. Both events are
sometimes performed in Mexican-style rodeos called
Several states have outlawed the events.
Horse-tripping is when running horses are lassoed by the legs.
It can cause fatal leg-breaks in horses. Steer-tailing is an event
in which cowboys ride alongside steers and attempt to grab their
tails, sometimes ripping the animal's skin.
Several states have banned horse-tripping, which isn't
sanctioned by most rodeos. Nebraska also bans steer-tailing.
Colorado's version would classify both activities as felony cruelty
to animals."