One of the best characteristics of the Fort Collins community is everyone’s willingness to collaborate. I really didn’t understand how strong this characteristic was until I started coworking at Cohere. While writing reviews there, I connected with a group of people who are willing to help and support each other in so many ways – ways that have catapulted all of our individual success. And they do it because they want to. When people work together, good things happen. Because of collaborative spirit there, I’m madly in love with the community.

Over this summer, I’ve noticed that collaborative effort found in Fort Collins extend beyond the coworking community and into the the food scene. It hasn’t been easy for the food truck and cart industry to establish locations in Fort Collins because of city regulations (and I am in the process of collecting data about that to try and make some changes for next spring), but some teamwork is beginning to brew at Odell’s and Funkwerks. While the breweries are busy serving some fantastic craft beer to friendly folks, they have allowed a couple of food trucks to come on by to park in the parking lot and serve food to the hungry masses. Beer and food trucks? It’s a brilliant combination!

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