With the constant cycle of restaurants opening and closing, I often wonder what makes some of the Fort Collins classics stand the test of time. We have some restaurants that have been operating for well over 30 years, and some of them aren’t that wonderful when it comes to taste and quality. So, if the food isn’t particularly fantastic, then it must be the relationships they maintain with their customers, right?  Maybe it has something to do with nostalgia? I believe this is so for Charco Broiler.

Charco Broiler has been a steakhouse staple in Northern Colorado since 1957. On the outskirts of the city on East Mulberry, it’s a restaurant that is hard to miss. With interesting architecture and an enormous bright yellow sign with a steer head logo, it certainly looks like it has been around for generations. In their early years, they began as a coffee shop with a small kitchen. As the years went on, they grew with eleven additions and eight remodels and morphed into a steakhouse with a multitude of awards, and a staff that has been around for ages – some for 25 years!

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