The story I posted earlieron threats being made by Middle Easterners to family members here in Greeley and Cheyenne may not be entirely accurate.

According to Joe Moylan of the Greeley Tribune, the Denver bureau of the FBI has not been able to confirm the alert that CBS in Denver reported early as being issued. Moylan also said that authorities from within the Greeley Police Department and Weld County Sheriff's office confirmed they had not been notified either.

Special Agent Amy Sanders with the Denver FBI office said they did not issue such a statement.

Although CBS4 Denver reported it could not confirm the details of the alert with anyone at the FBI Denver Bureau, it stated officials with the Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management were aware of military families in Colorado being targeted and harassed by Middle Easterners - Greeley Tribune

Personally, I would think that if a different bureau within the FBI had posted this alert, all the bureaus, from all states, would have a heads up on it. Not sure what to make of this whole thing now, but it seems as though those interviewed directly have no knowledge of the alert or any threats being made on family members of the military here in Colorado or Wyoming.

I feel duped now...but let's not let our guard down. There may be more to this story yet and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we perhaps are not being told the whole story due to possible security issues.