Fast and furious.

There isn't a much better description of my workouts with my trainers and classes with Dare to Lose and Miramont Lifestyle Fitness.

I go 4 times per week (at least). My small group personal training class is only 1/2 hour long. My one on one sessions are the same length.

Is that really enough time to keep me in good shape? Ask my hamstrings. After last Wednesday's lunge-fest during my Synergy 360 class, they'll attest that they've been working plenty hard.

In the video above, Ethan explains how the program works. It really depends on the person, but the beautiful thing is that once we achieve a certain level of fitness, short, furious workouts can be all it takes to maintain it.

For an analogy, consider a plane.

It takes about a thousand times more energy to get the plane off the ground than it does to keep it flying through the air. Once it is up and going, it's smooth sailing. Starting, however, takes a bit more effort. So, the workouts that your trainers may design for you if you are just starting on your fitness journey may be longer than someone who has been working out for a longer period of time.

The encouraging side of this is the promise of shorter workouts, easier efforts to maintain excellent fitness and the fact that with help, just about anyone can get to the point where it only takes a little bit of your day to stay in excellent physical shape.