My friend Gerri Reichert is blessed with many talents, one being that she can create lovely crocheted items like the two special gloves that she made for me.One's multicolored and one is black, and the latter has interchangeable bling as modeled by me!

My friend Kitty has been hauling hay to my barn for nearly a month now because I am not quite up to bucking bales.  She's truly been my Bestie in so many ways, like giving me the new Kindle White with access to more than 300 downloaded books.  I've giggled my way through Chelsea Handler, cried through Pam Houston's Sight Hound, and my current read is The Hunger Games.  What a wonderful distraction as I heal.

My neighbors are my angels including Nancy who lives across the road. She's brought
my 3-year-old gelding Mak back home time and again as he discovers new escapes from our pasture. Oh how I hope one day I can repay all the kindness... work family here at the radio stations has been amazingly patient with my loss of 2 fingers.