Dmitriy Eremenkov, ThinkStock[/caption]Drivers be warned in Loveland, a woman was pulled over by a police impersonator close to Interstate 25.

As KDVR reported, Police in Loveland are saying a woman was stopped by a  impersonator.

Police are concerned because the impersonator hasn’t been caught and there’s a chance he could do it again. It happened just after midnight Sunday in the neighborhood near McWhinney Boulevard and Grays Peak Drive, a few miles west of I-25.

The man was driving an SUV with a red light displayed up front. The woman got suspicious something was different about the situation and called police. Dispatchers confirmed with her that the man wasn’t an officer and she drove off.

Police say if you get pulled over and are suspicious about the situation, you should stop in a well-lit area. If the person isn’t in uniform, ask to see credentials, or call 911.

The investigation continues and there is no word on the make and model of the SUV, and there is no detailed description of the impersonator.