According to the Coloradoan the Denver Broncos say there has been a huge increase in fake tickets sales for the past four Broncos games. And this Sunday's playoff match-up against the Steelers could see even more scammers trying to cash in on unsuspecting fans.A lot of fake tickets are sold by scammers on sites like Craig's List and eBay and it's hard for fans to spot a fake. The tickets look real, they feel real, and most victims don't find out they've been duped until they get to the stadium and find out they aren't legit at the gate.

The only way to know for sure your ticket is real is to buy it directly from the Broncos, Ticketmaster, or NFL Ticket Exchange. (Sites like StubHub also promise to sell only legit tickets, but be sure to read the fine print before you buy to make sure you aren't taking any unwanted risks.)

Here's some advice, if someone really wants to sell you four club-level tickets on the 50-yard line for $100 each, I doubt they're legit. Premium seats for this weekend's game could go as high as $1,000 per seat.

As of right now (01/03 6:12AM) the cheapest seat available through Ticketmaster is $386.20 and I am guessing that number will just keep getting higher as we get closer to the game. (There were no tickets available through ticket exchange yet.)

Almost every Bronco fan wants to be in the stadium on Sunday, but just make sure you don't get burned trying to get there.

-Contributed by Beano, 99.9 The Point