Fair Game is a movie that is the story of former CIA agent Valerie Plame, her husband Joe Wilson and what happened when a string of events surrounding the beginning of the Iraq war and the search for WMD's did not endear them to members of the Bush Administration.
I follow the news, and I knew of this story. But I have to admit, in all the coverage that I saw or heard, the intricate nature of the story made it very difficult to understand. It was big news because a Vice President's Chief of Staff ('Scooter' Libby) was tried and convicted, but still, it was a story with such detail that until I watched the movie, I didn't understand what had happened.
Well, even through the movie it was not so easy to follow, but it tells the story pretty well. There are very cool examples of espionage and things that make you want to stand for the right thing without compromise. There are things that caused thoughtful debate between my wife and I. Naomi Watts was great as always, and Sean Penn does not disappoint.
The main thing this movie accomplishes is to shed some light on a news story that was so complicated that I tuned it out because I just couldn't follow it. Be careful, if you look away at the wrong moment you may miss important things in the movie as well.