Mark Zuckerberg reached another milestone today- Facebook now has ONE BILLION users across the world.  It's not that hard to believe, but still shocking considering it launched in February of 2004- not that long ago.

Come inside and get more numbers on the phenomenon that's taken the world- and tell us how often you are on the social networking site!

I'm on it. You are on it. Some people dogs are on it!  Facebook now has one billion users spanning the Earth.  The social networking site isn't even  ten years old yet, but has becoming one of THE most successful business in history.

Rainier Ehrhardt, Getty Images

Some facts about Facebook as of September 2012:

  • Over 1.13 trillion likes since its launch.  "Dave likes The World Series of Poker"!
  • 140 billion friend connections.  "Dave, remember me?"
  • 219 billion photos uploaded.  If they were to count deleted photos too- they estimate the number would climb to 265 billion.   Here's a photo Dave's proud to have uploaded...
  • 17 billion location tagged posts/check-ins.  "Dave checked in at a bar. Again"
  • Nearly 63 million songs have been played on Facebook.  "Dave played 'Piano Man' - Again".
  • 'The Social Network' movie earned $97 Million at the box office.  "Dave saw it."
  • The median age of a Facebook user is 22. "Dave is 23 years older than the median"
  • Facebook is now on 600 million smartphones.  "Like Dave's"

With nearly EVERYONE being on Facebook now- I'm curious how OFTEN everyone is using it.