If you use Facebook (and who isn't anymore?) you noticed changes coming along at a breakneck pace lately. Well ever since they 'moved people's cheese' there has been an outpouring of complaints.

Or as I was thinking, maybe they should rename it to 'Whinebook'.

Remember folks it is free.

So get ready for even more changes coming from Zuckerberg and company.






So what are these changes? Here's some of Business Insider's Top Ten:

10: Washington Post's new Social Reader app to share articles with friends from within Facebook.

9: Words With Friends moves will soon show up in the Ticker. Click a link and start a new game with a friend.

8: If you're cooking a meal, post a status about it and others can check out the recipe you're using on Foodspotting.

7: Kobo eReaders can alert Facebook when you finish a book. Now it'll happen automatically and populate your timeline accordingly.

6: Turntable.fm is fun, but will be even more fun once you don't have to leave Facebook to use it and invite friends to your DJ set.