A Massachusetts high school honor student is being punished for doing something I think was a very noble gesture. She could have even saved a life...or several.

The one thing we teach our teens is to never drink and drive.  I don't know any parent, myself included, that hasn't said if you do, call for a ride with no consequences. Well, maybe a consequence or two but you know what I mean. The message to our children is clear: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

17 year old Erin Cox did what any friend would do. The star and captain of the North Andover High School volleyball team had just gotten off work when a friend called from a party and needed a ride home. As soon as she arrived at the party, the police showed up. However, even though the police department confirmed she had not been drinking to school officials, they still decided to suspend her for 5 games and demote her from team captain.

This one is a sticky widget for sure.  Did Erin really go to pick up her friend or was it an excuse because she hadn't been drinking yet.?  She did get there at the end; not the beginning of the party. Given the fact that she was a team captain and on her way to college volleyball carrying good grades leads me to believe her story is true, but who knows.

I think the message the school should have sent was even though they have a zero-tolerance policy Erin Cox was in the right by getting her friend out of the party and home safely vs. what could have been dead bodies all over the road.

For the sake of argument, let's assume her story is valid, which I believe it probably is. Would you have punished her on the zero-tolerance or make an exception to the rule for doing the right thing?  Please cast your vote below.