Though my eyes tear up as I begin to write this, I feel like it's important for us to express our feelings when faced with such a tragic event as the shooting in Connecticut this morning.

Shakespeare once wrote that "one woe doth tread upon another's heels."  That's how I feel right now.  It was just a few short months ago that innocent lives were lost at the movie theater shooting in Aurora.  And no sooner is it announced that the theater will re-open, than are we struck with an even greater tragedy.  Just because it happened several states away this time, it isn't any less painful to me.

"What kind of person could do something like this?"  That's a question we always ask when something like this happens.  But I want to be clear about something.  The one who did this, who murdered over a dozen children, was not a person; he was a monster.  The fact that he's no longer living should not invoke sadness in anyone.  Period.

In the midst of all the pain an event like this causes, it's natural for us to search for meaning.  What caused this?  Who can we blame?  Who needs to be punished?  But turning a national tragedy like this one into a political debate about gun control is in such bad taste, I can barely stomach it.  It really makes me sick to see people on the Internet throw verbal diarrhea at each other about "liberal" this and "conservative" that, and getting into debates about why the country is failing.  People died today.  Children died today.  Can't we all just put our energy into positive thoughts for all those affected by this heinous act?  Save the political debates for the next election, for goodness sake!

To that end, I would ask that you join me in sending all your prayers and positive energy to the struggling citizens of Newtown, Connecticut today.  And also, take some extra time to connect with your loved ones today.  Tell them what they mean to you.  Give thanks for what's precious to you, especially since it can be lost so easily.