With the Great Colorado Pie Fight coming up soon, pizza is definitely on my mind a lot. While we're bound to see tons of examples of pizza done right at this event, I've actually started thinking back to times I've ran into pizza done wrong.  One memory in particular stands out for me...

I think I was around the same young age as I was when I had my best pizza memory.  I was going to a movie with a friend and his parents, and we wanted to grab something to eat close to the movie theater.  We decided to go to a pizza place I had never been to before.  I was a little skeptical; but I figured, how bad can it be?  It's pizza, after all!

Turns out, pizza can be pretty bad.

I'm not sure why my friend and I ordered the pizza we did; it must have sounded good on the menu.  But oh, how deceitful menu descriptions can be!

I was immediately turned off by this pizza when it was put in front of us.  First of all, I had never seen, nor heard of, pesto sauce at this point in my life; but this pie was swimming in it.  Actually, I should say the pizza was filled with green, goopy pesto, and it was all the other toppings that were swimming.

Trying to take a slice out of this green monstrosity was a nightmare.  Every time we managed to get our grip on a sliver of pizza dough and lift it out of the pan, the cespool of pesto sauce, coagulated cheese, and crudely chopped vegetables would run off the slice and fill in the empty space in the pan.  And to make matters worse, it didn't even taste good!

We ended up giving up on the mutant misstep of a pizza in front of us, electing to just get popcorn at the movie to tide us over instead.  And just to add a punchline to this awful experience, the server that came to clear our plates loudly exclaimed, "Oh, didn't you like it?" as she cleared away the mess in front of us.  Overall, it was just a ridiculous experience.

Think you have a bad pizza memory that can top mine?  Sound off in the comments section below...