I absolutely love being a radio DJ.  It's all I ever wanted to do with my life.  Doing the afternoon show here on TRI-102.5 has made these past 18 months the best of my life.  But there's one thing you always have to be ready for in this business, and that's change.  With that in mind, I'm here to announce that I'll be moving...

...to MID-DAYS ON TRI-102.5!

Did I scare you? :)

Seriously, though, it's true!

Friday, February 28th was my last weekday afternoon on the air. I'll be filling in on the morning show for Paul Wozniak March 3rd through 10th.  Then, on March 11th, I'll be starting my brand new show, weekdays from 10 AM to 3 PM!

I can't tell you how excited I am to spend the work day with you.  We're gonna have so much fun!

I have a lot of great ideas for my new show that I know you'll love (I'm just not allowed to talk about them yet).  Let's just say that I'll be hearing, and SEEING, a lot more of you in the months to come. ;)

And, just in case you're worried: Yes, Dave Jensen is still with us!  He's be taking over the afternoon show.  We're just doing the old switcheroo!

So I hope you'll join me for my last morning shows this week, then come with me to my new show on March 11th! (Huh, this must be how Jimmy Fallon feels!) :)