I work in a building full of people that come in and do what they do everyday because they truly love what they do. Talk about a great place to spend your time. Granted, we have the good fortune of working in an industry that is built for joy; entertainment, music, fun, contests, creativity, on-air, digital. It's not a bad gig.

For the most part, we don't produce a lot of measurable results on a daily basis. These people come in each day, try to be the best at what they do, and leave it at that. Because there's not much to measure, it has to feel good. There's a lot of gut feeling involved.

As much as I like to celebrate the wins in life, I probably don't let this team of people know often enough how much I appreciate the spirit they bring to our building every day. It's easy to let that pat on the back fall down below the daily 'emergencies' on the to-do list, because as I mentioned earlier they love what the do anyhow, and there aren't a lot of daily measurables.

They're happy people. The don't need a pat on the pack from me today. I'll deal with this instead.

What I also know is that precisely because they love what they do, and precisely because they're aren't a lot of daily measurables, these folks pour their heart and soul into their craft every day to ensure that we are producing the kind of results that are so important.

The pat on the back is always important and appreciated.

There are, however, a few times a year when we do get to measure their results in a tangible way. On the radio piece of our business, it comes in the form of ratings, measuring our stations' audience size against all other stations. Let me say that when it comes to achieving amazing results, you want to be on the team with the people that love what they do, and pour their heart and soul into their craft every day. This is a very proud morning for our team.

Champagne today. Pat on the back tomorrow. Gratitude every day.

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