Listening to my radio show, you know I love Marc Cohn; specifically, I can't get enough of "Walking in Memphis."  I don't sing karaoke very often;but when I do, I sing that song.  Every time.  So you'll definitely see me in the audience singing along when Mr. Cohn himself comes to the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins this month!  The real question is: will I see you there too?

As a songwriter and singer, Cohn combines the precision of a brilliant tunesmith with the passion of a great soul man. He's a natural storyteller, balancing the exuberant with the poignant, and able to distill universal truth out of his often romantic, drawn-from-life tales.

From his debut self-titled album in 1990, to his latest album "Listening Booth: 1970," Cohn has provem himself time and time again as an incredible musician and performer.  I've always wanted to see him live, and I'm glad to finally get the chance.  And best of all, he's coming to our neck of the woods.  It doesn't get much better than that!