Our dog Zazu loves to go on walks.  He knows the term "go outside?" and starts jumping around with excitement whenever we say it.  But once we get out into the 90-plus degree Fort Collins heat, his attitude changes pretty fast.

Zazu the dog does not like hot days.  Sure, he'll lay in the sunlight shining into our air-conditioned condo, but actually being outside in that kind of heat turns him into a stubborn mule.  He won't walk, he won't pee; he just sits or lays down until we carry him back inside.

And don't even get me started on trying to walk him on cold, winter days.  Forget about it.

So I guess my question is: Are we the only ones who have to deal with this?  Do other dogs get so picky about the weather in which they walk?  My guess is there are at least a few others out there who do.  So in that case, what do you do to make sure your dog gets his or her exercise?  Wait until nighttime?  Get up earlier and go out before it gets hot?  Or is there some other magic solution I haven't thought of?

Let me know in the comments!