Dear Friend,

Those of us who love you think you may need 'cell phone'intervention'. We want you back, engaged with us. I am sorry you do not experience the freedom of parking your phone and forgetting about it for hours. The mental break from technology is a chance to think...period.

While it would be unthinkable to live without a smartphone, we get our feelings hurt when you ignore us to focus on whatever is on your phone. Are we not of valuable to you, because it doesn't feel like it?

We are growing weary of looking at the top of your 50-something-year-old head while trying to have a conversation with you.


According to the internet, we are to meet at a location where calls cannot get through (...not sure WHERE that would be) because we don't want you to be on the phone. To be SURE you get our invitation we will let you know of our plans by text, of course.

We should prepare for your intervention by having actual experiences in mind. We've got MANY.

We were your friends way before smartphones and will stick by you forever...BUT
please come back to us...we love your witty banter, your kind heart, and all the wonderful things about you. Please zone us IN...