I was working on an article the other day and needed a picture of caution tape. I went into our national supply of photos and did a search. On page one of the results, I saw a picture and thought “Wow- looks like 4th Street in Loveland!”

Tell me if you see the similarity too!

You may have heard how Disneyland’s Main Street was inspired by Old Town Fort Collins.  This goes along those same lines.   I recently found a recent picture of a street in Downtown Boston- Boylston Street.  When I first saw the photo, I thought I was looking at a shot of The Rialto Theater in Downtown Loveland! 

I showed the two pictures around the office, and got a ‘Sure, kinda…” response; but I couldn't let it go!

Here are the two images-

Google Maps


Darren McCollester/Getty Images

I grew up in Loveland- I know 4th Street like the back of my hand.  Tell me I haven't just had too many beverages at The Sports Station - or Henry's (pictured).  Don't the two streets look alike?