I'm definitely a fan of beer.  With all the different breweries to choose from in Fort Collins, I like to say I live in the "Napa Valley of Beer."  And I'm honestly fine with that.  So the news that another brewery will soon be cropping up within the city limits is kind of exciting to me...but is it really necessary?

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, headquartered in Santa Ana, Calif., which has Colorado locations in Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Westminster, is looking to open its fifth Colorado brewpub in Front Range Village.

Looks like we're getting our 12th (yes, TWELFTH) brewery in good ol' FoCo.  Personally, I'll give it a shot.  Every beer deserves a fair chance in my book.  But I'm also sort of bewildered. 12 breweries in Fort Collins alone? REALLY?  You'd think a town would reach critical mass with a thing like that!  At what point is Fort Collins going to drown under a sea of hops and yeast?

Again, I love beer, and I'll definitely give BJ's a shot; but I kind of hope this is the last new brewery for awhile.  I need some time to get them all straight!

What do YOU think?