Lady Gaga's Fame is the best selling fragrance in the country. She's dominating one of the toughest markets to crack that is already filled with celebrity smells. Sales are driven as much by aforementioned 'fame' as the quality of the smell. People wear the fragrance of the celeb with whom they'd like to identify.

I personally wear Derek Jeter's Driven. My wife bought it for me as a Christmas present. Before it was handed to me, I didn't suddenly think, "I should wear Driven so I can be more like my favorite baseball player, Derek Jeter". But, when it was presented to me, I really got into it. If there is anyone who demonstrates the power of belief, hard work, and the importance of having fun, it is Derek Jeter. When I spray some on myself before leaving for anything, it does give me a bit of a boost, and my wife and I joke that I should have a pretty good time, because I 'smell like a champion' (Jeter has five World Series rings, and many other incredible accomplishments).