Apparently, parents complained after a student club at a Fort Collins high school recited the Pledge of Allegiance over the PA system in Spanish and French.  I'll be honest, that makes me a little upset.

“I’m a patriotic American, and I don’t think the Pledge of Allegiance should be said in any language but English,” said Brad Sadler, who said it would be OK if students spoke in another language to read the morning announcements — just not when repeating the age-old words of the nation’s pledge.

Do we live in a racist, totalitarian country?  No.  We don't.  We live in America.  And America is nothing if not free and diverse.  People of all creeds and colors call this country home, and it sort of turns my stomach that some people in our very own community refuse to acknowledge that.

The Pledge of Allegiance is so much more than a collection of words.  It's an idea; and I feel like ideas can, and should, be expressed in any language.  So why not recite the Pledge in other languages.  If anything, I feel like that strengthens the idea behind it that much more!

So that's my two cents.  What do you think?