My wife and I recycle as much as we can.  Sure, the occasional wine bottle gets into the regular trash can, but I've always been proud of the effort we make to get most of our recyclable trash to the right place.

I wish I'd known the majority of our efforts haven't meant anything...

The Coloradoan reports that the entire state of Colorado is, in short, terrible about recycling glass, even when you put it in the recycle bin.

How terrible, you ask?  49th in the nation.

And, even with all it's "zero-waste" practices, Fort Collins is no exception.

Of the 2,500 tons of glass Fort Collins residents placed in recycling bins last year, less than 250 tons were actually melted down and reused.

Apparently, companies that are supposed to be melting down and reusing glass, are instead using it for landfill layer covers or drainage pipe beds.

Even New Belgium Brewing, one of the most sustainable businesses around, only uses about 10% recycled glass in its beer bottles; and that doesn't even come from Colorado!

Well, I don't know about you, but until I hear of things turning around, I'm not wasting my time keeping glass out of the trash anymore!

Are you going to keep "recycling" glass?  Leave a comment and let us know!